We’re Giving Away The Agency on July 23rd

To help you prepare for the coming recession, we’re giving away our entire agency and all of our staff, to work on your business!

A recession is inevitable. Being defeated by it isn’t.

Savvy marketers know that recessions provide opportunities that good times don’t. So they zig when others zag, and they come out on top. Knowing that their competitors will cut back on their marketing, they do the opposite. They continue marketing at the same or higher level while their competitors play dead. By the time the recession is over they’ve achieved a level of awareness they could never have afforded to achieve during good times.

Now is the time to plan to thrive – not just survive.

It’s time to make all your marketing tools better, smarter and more engaging so you can accomplish more and attract more than your fair share of sales and/or share of mind. Time to breathe new life into your business and brand with a clear roadmap of goals and a sharp focus on achieving them. That’s how you win the battle of survival of the fittest: by levelling up.

That’s what our new All-In Continuous Improvement Programs are all about.

First you benefit from the strategic input and advice of our team of marketing experts. Then you choose a menu of continuous improvement services to be executed by our creative and technical talent. And whichever program you choose, you get the added free benefit of Unlimited Minor Updates each month to ensure that your website is consistently up to date and responsive to what’s happening – without any red tape or nickel-and-diming, We’ll even make technical updates proactively to ensure that your site is always effective and secure!

Test it yourself. Book an hour with our experts on Thursday July 23 and get an All-In Continuous Improvement service for FREE.

Choose one of these all-in Continuous Improvement services

Marketing + Content

OPPORTUNITIES AUDIT: Are you missing out on easy marketing wins?

  • Get a fresh point of view on your brand and marketing initiatives from our marketing experts.
  • Learn how to improve your visibility and communicate more effectively with your audience.
  • Take away a list of the top opportunities we recommend you focus on in the year ahead.

CONNECT WITH + CONVERT CUSTOMERS BETTER with a 3-part email series.

  • Build a personal rapport with your clients and fans and engage them in engaging content.
  • Promote a key service and encourage secondary conversions like referrals or testimonials.
  • Take away 3 professionally crafted emails you can immediately implement in your business.

BEGINNER CONTENT CALENDAR: 10 content ideas to help you get more sales.

  • With the help of our marketing team, dive into what content would best support your business.
  • Build a 10-part plan that identifies key themes and content that will help your sales process.
  • Take away a content calendar with 10 distinct concepts that you can turn into powerful content.

Digital Advertising + SEO

TRACK PAGE VIEWS + CONVERSIONS with Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager

  • Understand who’s visiting your website and where they came from (e.g. Facebook, Google search etc.)
  • Track important conversions (e.g sales, leads, form submissions etc.).
  • Identify audiences for re-marketing initiatives.

EASY WINS AND LOCAL VISIBILITY through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Research relevant keywords you could use that have low competition scores.
  • Understand current local business visibility and opportunities for growth using Local Falcon.
  • Develop a basic SEO content strategy to maximize your local reach.


  • Set up a basic lead generation campaign on the social media channel that best suits your business.
  • Identify an audience to target, establish an initial budget and use (or adapt) existing creative and copy.
  • Take away a functional campaign that’s ready to run.

Website + Design

WEBSITE CLEAN-UP: Design and content improvements

  • We review your site’s overall impression, visual communication and fidelity to your brand.
  • We review your page content and aesthetic against best practices for engaging visitors.
  • We recommend improvements and make as many of them as time permits.


  • We review your current corporate, sales, keynote, or internal presentation deck.
  • We strengthen its concept design and presentation, creating consistency and optimizing slide layout.
  • We provide a strategy for developing a new version of one presentation.
  • We work on “story development” and design enhancements (e.g. visuals, graphics, animations etc.)
  • We develop a presentation from an existing draft or completed storyline.
  • We recommend a strategic approach to presentations and a list of recommended next steps.

IMPACTFUL IMPROVEMENTS in your site’s User Experience (UX)

  • We review your website’s current user experience and its degree of user friendliness.
  • We identify any substantial design changes that should be made in this respect.
  • We identify any technical issues that negatively impact the overall user experience.
  • We evaluate site’s responsiveness (e.g., how it scales, including issues with font size/legibility).


SECURITY REVIEW: How safe is your site, really?

We review your existing website and identify potential security issues.
From there we can recommend the best ways to keep
your site up to date and safe from hackers.