Social media for business explained – finally!

Well, Guy Kawasaki gives the most succinct and helpful explanation of social media (as it relates to businesses) that I have found yet.

It’s simple, the goal for a business is to “establish yourself as a fascinating subject-matter expert”.

Guy provides an example (restaurant owner posting food links), and four methods to find content that you can use for blogging, tweeting, and email marketing (StumpleUpon, SmartBrief, hire an intern, and Alltop – a company Guy co-founded).

I decided to give Guy’s methods a try.  I spent 1/2 hr each researching articles for a Real Estate agent, a Beauty Spa, and an Interior Design company.

Of course, an actual expert might pick different articles.  The point is – the information that will help you communicate regularly with your client base is readily available – for next to nothing.

Most importantly, with regular communications, comes more opportunity for you to be in the right place at the right time to get that next sale.

Real estate agent:

Beauty Spa:

Interior design:

Feel free to let us know if you would like help regularly communicating with your clients.