Around the Office: 2012 Trends and Predictions, Social Spam, more

In the first week of 2012, we wondered whether the doomsayers were wrong about their cataclysmic predictions about the year 2012 given the general lack of fire and brimstone. We were interested in what Nettuts+ counted as their year-end web development trends and their predictions — and we had some of our own. We were relieved when Web developer Kayla Knight in her mobile Web design manifesto echoed our sentiment that mobile isn’t an added feature; it’s a necessity. We found it touching that a Kleenex PR campaign finds sick people via Facebook and sends them Kleenex care packages in the mail. We agreed with Scott Stratten that marketers should be ashamed of spamming their social media contacts — and stop immediately. Our heads were turned by some very creative and memorable logos compliled by Vandalay Design. And the UnderConsideration 2012 Holiday Card helped keep us motivated for the new year.