Around the Office: Better Page Titles, Backing It Up, Landing Pages, more

This week at Online Friendly, Roberto reminded us that search results can often boil down to writing better page titles — the world’s top search engine agrees. Eva got a glimpse at the state of social media thanks to a new infographic that shows its influence by the numbers. Duct Tape Marketing posted a great reminder on the importance of backing up data, and introduced some backup options for your social media updates, cloud services, and WordPress blog. We liked Pamela Vaughan’s breakdown of Web design and usability guidelines which include making a great first impression, consistency, and solid navigation. We followed along with HubSpot’s examination of five real-world landing pages that some show some ways to make landing pages that help drive more conversions. From leading customers to your product and sealing the deal and all places in between, 352 Media Group design director Daniel Alves broke down sales-focused e-commerce site design — which more-or-less align with our own e-commerce guidelines. We were inspired by 30 unusual, fresh and creative WordPress site designs chosen by wplift, and 23 Interesting HTML5 and CSS3 sites picked by Rocket Graphs.