Around the Office: hands-on with Kohana, picture sharing with DailyBooth, and more

Roberto had a very good first impression of PHP5 framework Kohana, and actually liked its modules for database interactivity and cookies.

With its basic template system, simple installation, and online learning resources, he’d recommend it to developers who want to save lines of code and time, but be warned, it only works with PHP 5. For those new to Kohana, he’d recommend starting with a tutorial on creating an advanced contact form.

Brent has been sharing his life visually on the social photo sharing site DailyBooth, showing off photos of his recent trip to Seattle, and making his contacts jealous of his luscious hair.

Eva found some useful templates from designer Graham Smith that give creative teams an idea of how they should present their logo designs to clients. She also liked Smith’s article on why and how to use guides, grids & circles in logo design.

When getting a new cell phone, Daveed determined that the first 24 hours can be vitally important in deciding whether you’re going to be satisfied with it for the duration of a three-year contract.

After comparing the Android-based Samsung Nexus S and iPhone smartphones, he found that, despite having competitive specs, the Android phone’s physical appeal lessened the more he held it in his hand, and the interface is far from intuitive especially for non-techy users.

He found that the iPhone, in contrast, had an intuitive interface, and the hardware was much more solid and built to last… which is critical when you’re on a three-year plan.