Around the Office: Louis CK Cuts Off Ticket Agents, Record Label Offers Free Samples, and the Old Office Gets Demolished

David, who often speculates on the future of digital media, is fairly certain that giving things away to let them play and create will loom large in marketing’s future. One of his favourite record labels, Labrador Records has done this with a soon-to-be-released single, providing free samples that can be used for remixes.Daveed is excited that Louis CK’s upcoming standup comedy tour has avoided the price gouging which is normal when dealing with ticket agents like Ticketmaster. Louis was able to sell 100,000 tickets in just 45 hours on his website for $45 US each without any the mark-ups and “convenience fees” typically charged by ticket agents. Daveed hopes this will mark the beginning of the end of ticket gouging everywhere.

Brent checked in at Kobayashi Online’s old office for the last time. A wrecking crew has made a good start in demolishing the building. Earlier this year, we had moved our new location at Eglinton and Don Mills. We thought at the time that it was a big step up, and now that there’s no going back, we’ve got little choice but to be bigger and better than before.