Around the Office: Minding Pixels, Canadian IT Awards, Technology Photographed Bit-By-Bit

Daveed knew the iPhone 4’s extremely high resolution or “retina” display (which essentially crams twice as many pixels into the same space as before) would have implications for web design, and especially responsive design. CSS 3 queries are the key to updating website images for high DPI devices, and in a way that degrades gracefully for lower resolution screens. Of course, Adam Bradley’s Foresight.js plugin takes this a step further, making it easy to serve up high-resolution images to high-res devices, but only when they have a fast enough network connection for the mega-sized image files. This means high-res devices won’t be limited by bandwidth.

Our friends FuturestateIT* are up for a CATA Alliance award for Emerging Technology. Futurestate’s cloud based solution, AppRx, automates the testing of applications against operating systems such as Windows 7 or Server 2008, and provides for the ongoing management of applications to keep them current. Their solution essentially reduces the time, cost and risk involved in application migration. Support their work by voting for them.

Having always been fascinated by cutaway illustrations, David was blown away by Todd McLellan’s pictures of vintage technology taken apart piece-by-piece and photographed. In a 2011 interview with Pipeburn on a services of motorcycle photos he did, McLellan said, “I am very much into the design of the objects I shoot and I think that[‘s] what gets me going when photographing something.” This clearly comes out in his photos of the insides of rotary phones, manual typewriters, and alarm clocks, even when the design isn’t meant to be outward-facing.

* We recently setup a live, WordPress development environment for Futurestate IT.