Around the Office: QR Codes; Strategizing Facebook Graph Search; Opera’s Next Act, & More!

QR Codes on the Menu

Caroline was inspired by the possibilities of QR codes when hearing about a sushi shop wraps their rolls with QR codes. Diners at Britain’s Moshi Moshi can scan their food with their phone for information on the sustainable fish they’re about to eat. We used QR codes to make the products in a paper catalogue scannable and buyable using a phone, but rolling QR sushi is certainly one of the most creative ways we’ve seen QR codes used.

Think Content Strategy Before Facebook Strategy

David hopes marketers don’t derail their overarching content strategy by pursuing Facebook-specific strategies for the new Facebook Graph Search. Communications expert Shel Holtz wrote a thought-provoking article that reminds us that Facebook is only part of your social media strategy. That said, there’s nothing wrong with optimizing content for Facebook and its new search, but it should be treated as just an element of your general SEO and social branding efforts, and, of course, your larger content strategy.

Opera’s Next Act: WebKit

Due to an “under-the-hood” change, Daveed and the 300 million other people who use the Opera browser may find that sites look and work better for them. The developers of Opera have decided to use for its rendering engine WebKit (which is used by Apple Safari and Google Chrome browsers) and V8 as its JavaScript engine. Opera sees this as a move that will help them further the adoption of Web standards, avoid duplicating technology, and focus their efforts on innovation.

Planning Comes First; Coding Comes Later

We’re all looking forward to Andy’s presentation at the upcoming PodCamp Toronto where he will explain how to plan the building of your website. Before even touching code, creating a project roadmap can ensure everyone involved knows their responsibilities, that you have the resources to complete what you need, and that things run as smoothly as possible. Come learn more by attending PodCamp Toronto on February 23 and 24 2013.