Around the Office: The Truth in Taglines, Finding Images with Photo Pin, the Cult of Disruption, and More!

Believing that marketing is a promise, Brent was pleased to read Andris Pone’s blog post on less-than-truthful company taglines. Does grocery shopping at Metro deliver on the promise of “Food at its best”? How does Telus live up to the tagline: “The future is friendly”? And is Tim Hortons actually “Always fresh”? Sometimes a tagline can actually draw attention to a brand’s shortcomings.

Andy discovered Photo Pin, which is an incredibly useful site that helps bloggers and creatives find free photos for their projects. If you need an image, use Photo Pin to easily search millions of Creative Commons images from Flickr and avoid paying image licensing fees.

In a provocative article this week, Daveed found out about a pro-market/anti-regulation, so-called Cult of Disruption that basically says “let us do whatever we want, otherwise we’ll bully you on the Internet until you do,” according to author Paul Carr. And while this may be a fad in Silicon Valley, Daveed does more than shrug when he sees the ideology of greed outweigh altruism and public safety.

While it didn’t have quite the same effect as seeing Star Wars for the first time, David was impressed by the opening Star Wars opening text crawl recreated using only HTML and CSS. A long time ago, Guillermo Esteves did this, and, more recently, Craig Buckler wrote a tutorial on creating your own Star Wars opening.