The Art of Business Photography

Businesses need great photography to stand out – and stock photography, generally, just doesn’t do the job. Our client identified that businesses who were willing to pay to secure distinctive imagery didn’t even realize how beautiful, fully custom photography was within their budget.

The photos in his portfolio are striking, and make the case well. But what was missing was a compelling presentation and storytelling to really convince the visitor that THEY are the audience for this service.

Kobayshi + Zeitguys worked side-by-side with The Art of Business Photography to craft a voice for his new brand – and set a tone for his business.

Our Discover + Design + Deploy process brings out the actual needs and sidelines the unimportant. In parallel with easy-to-use custom WordPress website development tools for him to continue to build his case studies, we also crafted marketing messaging to tease out and highlight the major points, in very clear, accessible language.

WordPress website development custom features like text overlays designed right

A business needs impact for its message to land – and the case must be made in seconds.  Strong images win every time.

It was a pleasure to work with a client who understood that presentation was everything, a showcase for their imagery, wrapped up in a compelling story, was the way to launch a new brand.

Portfolio features designed in WordPress to be distinct and easy to update

The photography portfolio reads like a news feed – it’s irresistible to see what insight or delight the next story will reveal. And The Art of Business Photography does not disappoint.

Choosing the WordPress website development platform allowed our client to harvest the advantages of this open-source platform. Much of the programming backbone is already created, allow us to deploy modules and well-tested code to create a reliable website rapidly, without excessive web development costs. Our focus could be on creating marketing messages to tell the story of the remarkable service that our client provides.