uHear 2.0

Applied Arts Interactive winner

Version 1.0 of the uHear App (also designed by Zeitguys) won an Applied Arts Interactive Award, and appeared in the May, 2010 edition of Applied Arts in the magazine’s Awards section.

“This is a pretty great moment for Zeitguys,” stated Senior Partner and Creative Director Tom Auger, when he received the long-anticipated award. “It’s fantastic that an app that’s such a good cause for hearing well-being is getting this kind of attention. Hopefully this will just increase the app’s profile and more people will download it and test their hearing.”

uHear is a scientifically accurate hearing testing tool, with three different tests based on standard tests used by audiologists. It delivers accurate results and features a cool touch interface that encourages younger people to try it out and test their hearing.

The app, which can be downloaded from Apple’s iTunes store for free has been ranked consistently high in the Medical Apps category in the North American iTunes store. It is currently climbing in France and Germany since the recent release of translated versions. Unitron Hearing also offers a simplified online version of the uHear self-assessment hearing test, created by Zeitguys in Adobe Flash.

Zeitguys hopes that this recent exposure will encourage more customers looking to create innovative interactive experiences to contact the Zeitguys team and start the dialogue.

The new and updated look of uHear

The uHear app is now available in multiple languages on the app store.