Around the Office: A Remote Orchestra, Getting Closer with Zoomy, Wes Bos Talks WordPress, more

Eva was in the lab – Google’s Web Labs that is – making music by controlling a virtual orchestra. Google’s Universal Orchestra, which allows people to control instruments online, is part of an exhibition at the Science Museum in London made to show the extraordinary workings of the internet and inspire a new generation of computer scientists and enthusiasts. While you have to wait to control the robotic instruments on display, you can play with a digital version that will make anyone feel like a composer.

Roberto is known for his attention to detail as a developer and one of his secrets is using zoom to get a closer look of what he’s going. It’s no wonder that he’s been enjoying the Zoomy plugin for Chrome, which stretches websites to fit the width of the browser window. This is one of many plugins designed to boost accessibility, but are simply helpful for all users. We wouldn’t be surprised if Zoomy becomes a standard plugin for Chrome.

We’re involved daily in developing rich online experiences for mobile devices and operating systems. It wasn’t surprising that we were all very intrigued by the upcoming SCREENS conference in Toronto. Given that mobile devices are being used to access websites and applications like never before, SCREENS will offer presentations, demonstrations, panel discussions and workshops on how to address these new client needs and demands.

Brent went to the latest Toronto WordPress Developers Meetup at co-working space Workplace One. Hacker You and  Ladies Learning Code  instructor Wes Bos presented on custom post types, which are a tremendously powerful tool that we’ve used on many of our websites. One of our favourite bits of advice was to get a tattoo of the WordPress template hierarchy – in other words, it’s very important when it comes to custom post types.