Around the Office: accountable apps, SEO mistakes, fun design, more

Daveed is interested in a regulationproposed in California requiring mobile application developers to explain what personal information will be recorded and how it will be used. According to reports, applications on Apple, Android, Blackberry, Windows, HP and Amazon stores must present users with an app privacy policy, and reports on data use. This will help defend the privacy rights of users, which are a major concern as we become increasingly tethered to our mobile devices.

Roberto wants bloggers to avoid some SEO mistakes. Hongkiat’s list of SEO no-no’s include: buying inbound links, duplicating content,sacrificing looks for content, stuffing in too many keywords, andnot filling out ALT tags. Make sure you’re not doing something to that makes search engines ignore your site.

Brent was excited to see the indie super-hero flick Chronicle this week. The critically acclaimed science fiction film has 84 per cent of its reviews are positive and has been called “an entertaining and creative take on the concept of teenage superpowers”. And while we’re keen on see the upcomingAvengers movie, Chronicle is an interesting and unique take on a familiar genre.

David thinks Jeremy Girard is on to something when he writes “an enjoyable experience is usually a memorable one”, so why not apply this wisdom to Web design? Too many businesses stick to boring, corporate designs that are simply unmemorable. Girard suggests using fun to support a website’s overall message and purpose.