Around the Office: Colour Gradients, Coca-Cola Changes Colour, more

Daveed has been using a new online tool from Colorzilla that creates colour gradients using CSS. Select any number of colours, adjust their position, and the Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator give you a preview of how it will look, as well as the code to apply it to your website.

Brent has been puzzling over whether Coca-Cola’s decision to colour its soda cans white was a bad decision, or one that drew attention to the company and its cause. Coca-Cola unveiled a white colour scheme as part of an initiative to promote sustainable living as a way to fight climate change and protect the polar bears’ habitat. The company, of course, knows how the public reacts to changes to its product, having gone through a fiasco when it changed the flavour of Coke in the ‘80s. Likewise, many consumers were upset over the image change, but the attention around the campaign, some say, may have been ultimately good for the cause.

Being fans of the game Angry Birds, we were happy to hear its creators, Rovio, have launched a new campaign in support of real-life angry birds — those facing extinction. Rovio is encouraging people to learn about endangered birds and donate to The BirdLife Preventing Extinctions Programme, which helps the 189 species on the very edge of extinction.