Around the Office: Designing for Retina Displays, Star Trek Doodles, and Blogging Tips

Daveed, a sci-fi fan and developer (in that order), was excited relive some classic Star Trek episodes in a Google Doodle. In this interactive tribute to the original series, which premiered 46 years ago, Capt. Kirk (or in this case the letter “O”) is beamed down to a planet, fights a reptilian Gorn, and defeats him by building a primitive gun. This Doodle is lots of fun, and a reminder of Star Trek’s inspiring vision of the future.Does your website look a bit fuzzy on the new iPad? Don’t see an optometrist just yet: your site’s likely not equipped to deal with the retina display’s additional resolution.

Brent was checking out tips this week on how to design for the retina display. Among these tips is to use media queries to find out what device the user has, and deliver the correct file size and resolution based on the screen.

Always eager for writing tips, David found some great suggestions for creating blog posts that draw readers in, get shared and linked to, and keep readers coming back. Some of these tips included writing with purpose, using subheadings, bold text, bullets, and, a personal favourite, scheduling time for editing. Of course, you’ll get the most out of these tips if you start using them soon and often. Practice, after all, makes perfect.