Around the Office: Gold-Medal Sites, Learning by Osmosis, Undersea Web Design, more

With only two weeks left until the London 2012 Olympics, we were reminded that athletes can benefit from having a great website. We think the sites for Miami Heat co-captain LeBron James and snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler are great examples of how to keep fans updated on the latest news, share photos and show your personality. Some of these athlete sites belong on a podium.

There’s an old joke about a student who had a book strapped to his head. Why? Because he was learning by osmosis. Badumtss! According to our friends at Whiteboard Consulting, you can create a process-driven work culture through osmosis. Read their latest blog post to learn how introducing concepts via coaching can help people absorb new processes.

Can a web page effectively convey the experience of being under the sea? Eva dove down to the web design of Belgian web developer Zebra Fish, featuring some amazing CSS and creative ideas. For instance, as you scroll down the page, a widget measures how deep you’ve gone, and the sea creatures in the background move at a different rate to create a sense of depth.

Part of David’s goal as a writer is to convey human experiences online, and he was happy to find Heidi Cohen’s article on being a human. Being human, after all, is essential in social media, and a skill that anyone can employ if they choose to. She notes that Twitter is the world’s coffeeshop, and people will feel a connection with those who are authentic, personal, and – you guessed it – human.