Around the Office: Internet Freedom in Syria, Windows 8 Gestures, Email Messages that Hit the Mark, and More!

Syrian protesters with a sign reading "The Syrian people are slaughtered; where is the world?"As a believer in Internet freedom and democracy, Daveed was saddened to hear that Syria had essentially blocked its citizens from the Web, an action that many attribute to the authoritarian government’s desire to disrupt rebel communication and the online reporting of civil conflict. We couldn’t help but be reminded of Hosni Mubarak’s similar actions, just weeks before being ousted as president of Egypt.  We learned that the desperate action of closing a country off from the Internet is apparently not as hard as some might think. Revolution is unfortunately not as easy, but we remain hopeful and are thankful for services like Google Test2Tweet that are designed to let the citizens of Syria be heard.

Brent found a great video that demystifies the new touch gestures for Windows 8 and Windows RT. If you are used to working with a keyboard and mouse, you’ll find many advantages to tapping and swiping with your fingers. If you need more help getting the most out of Microsoft’s new operating system, the company behind the video also provides a quick reference card with handy, step-by-step instructions on Windows 8.

Expert sales email sender Andy agreed with a lot of HubSpot’s tips on writing lead-nurturing emails.
David and Daveed wearing band t-shirtsAt the very least, when sending an email to a potential client, demonstrate that you know something about them, you are interested in their needs, and you have to something that can help them. A great email will show a lead that you’re looking to help them, not you.

And finally, David and Daveed stretched the rules of casual Friday by wearing band t-shirts as part of the 5th Annual Wear Your Old Band T-Shirt To Work Day.