Around the Office: online piracy, video marketing, great site design, more

This was a busy week at Online Friendly since Kobayashi Online moved on Monday to its new location at 1200 Eglinton Ave. in Toronto. KO will now be under the same roof as Finesilver Design, giving clients access to all the insights, ideas, social media tools and technologies they need to communicate their brand amid changing consumer behaviour. Talk about a good move!

Daveed is hoping for a peaceful solution to the war on content piracy. A Forbes editorial argues that the big film and music organizations should consider whether the war on piracy should be pursued, given that it may be impossible to win. Writer Paul Tassi explains that piracy is a service problem, and the industry could save itself by making it as easy to download and watch movies legally as it is on The Pirate Bay.

This week, we explored some of the best ways to make online videos resonate with Internet audiences and passed on seven tips for online friendly video. Capturing the viewer’s attention early and offering something of value is crucial, as well as sharing your video on social networks and easily found by search engines. Check out the post for more tips.

We also took a look at the website for UK type design firm Fontsmith. We were impressed by their use of their own fonts, their organization of content, and their use of carousels for dynamic presentation of images and information. Our analysis focused on how their site draws attention to their fonts, as well as the stylish and dynamic organization behind them.