Around the Office: Regent College Online, Immortal Critique, and a Case for Pinterest

Eva He likes what Regent College has done with their website, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook design. This Vancouver graduate school is just one of many post-secondary institutions grounded in knowledge and implementing current technology. Not only that, but they do it with a divine sense of style!

This week, Brent has, once again, been wrestling with technology’s disturbing philosophical implications. This week, it was humankind’s inevitable discovery of immortality. Check out Basic Instructions for the full implications, including why you don’t want to be the second generation of immortals.

Having a growing collection of film cameras, David understands the appeal of virtual display case Pinterest, which lets users collect photos and images of things they like. While people could do this before on blogs and other social networks, Pinterest’s edge, users speculate, is that its success is based not on Facebook’s model of sharing, but rather the drive for people to collect. In fact, it seems like there’s an inner scrapbooker in all of us.