Around the Office: Winning Facebook pages, elegant Web design, more

Roberto knows what it takes to create a winning Facebook Page, and it’s because of this that he recommends seven winning Facebook Page strategies for companies. Some of the best Facebook Pages techniques include having unique design, interesting content, interactive applications, re-posts of useful information, and regular activity.Check out the post for more ideas to make compelling Facebook Pages.

Brent was a little nostalgic for the original Facebook layout after theygave all Facebook Pages the option to upgrade to the Timeline redesign, and are forcing the timeline on new Fan Page creators. While the new Timeline page format offers new ways to create fan gates and CTAs, it will take some time to figure out how to best use them. For instance, timeline does’t let Page administrators indicate which page or tab a user lands on first. But no worries; we’ll get lots of practice designing Timeline Pages soon enough!

In his 2010 book In Pursuit of Elegance, Matthew E. May wrote: “elegance entails achieving far more with much less when faced with a complex problem”. David was reminded of these words when reading about the elements of clean Web design. Websites, after all, are a natural fusion of information, functionality and, of course, design. Designers can use grids, typography, colour and consistent imageryto help create elegant webpages that are also highly functional.