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Our original concepts presented, not only the URL name “”, but an approach to UX that withheld internal pages and overall site navigation from view in favour of engaging the visitor –our primary objective– on a full screen image scrolling landing page which fully immersed the visitor the most current content; allowing them to explore the scope of the site without requiring so much as a single mouse click.

Discover architecture - Toronto WordPress development and web design launched on October 3rd, 2016 on World Architecture Day and has continued to receive accolades from industry professionals, and growing public audience daily.


Get Involved

The second most important objective of the site –right after engaging and immersing visitors in appreciating the importance of architecture– is encouraging them to Get Involved in architecture related events. These could be physical participation in local events, or offering their input to how and what architecture is and should be recognized through awards or landmark designations.

The Get Involved section is housed in a site-wide persistent and expandable area that provides the opportunity for site administrators to easily style and organize any website content. This feature area can be configured to feature any event and call to action with custom content, direct site links, and on the spot submission forms for visitor participation, with no knowledge of coding.

Discover architecture - User Experience and Information Architecture WordPress development

Our best practices for implementing meta data had us attach architecture and image credits directly to images in the media library, to ensure these credits appeared on all occurrences of the image; additional meta data is associated directly with individual article posts

Not just visitor experience

Careful attention to the administrative user experience is one of the most under-rated aspects of a site build. Even though training is an important part of every project, during the build process it is important to know the type of ongoing work the client administrative personnel need to take care of. We consider it our job to make sure the administrative interface design of the site ensures that updates are intuitive and efficient. Below (‘Edit Page’) is an example of how we have enhanced the default WordPress interface. This is so any site administrators can easily update the otherwise complex collection of content on the home page.

Each page panel is clearly defined and administration has just the right amount of flexibility to customize the content and position of images and text to accommodate the webpage content requirements, without compromising design consistency. (This is just one example of attention to administration experience we bring to all our WordPress development builds.)

administrative user experience - WordPress development

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