Hireimmigrants.ca WordPress Design & Development

Hireimmigrants.ca is an initiative of ALLIES (Assisting Local Leaders with Immigrant Employment Strategies), whose mission is to support local efforts in Canadian cities to successfully adapt and implement programs that further the suitable employment of skilled immigrants.

The new, feature-rich Hireimmigrants.ca website guides employers step-by-step through the various stages of hiring immigrants from simply getting started, to furthering efforts to recruit, integrate and retain skilled immigrants, and finally to becoming a model for other organizations. It provides multimedia content on how to better recruit, retain and promote skilled immigrants, including video, webinars, reports, and success stories.

Hireimmigrants.ca is based around creating a customized user experience around that caters to visitors’ specific needs. Web users can navigate categories that best fit with the stage they’re currently at: Getting Started, On Your Way, and Champion (for those who have success stories to share). Information is also categorized based on role, organization size and sector.

Furthermore, the three main content areas of the site – Why Hire, Recruit and Select, Managing a Diverse Workforce – take the user through the entire HR lifecycle of the business case for hiring skilled immigrants, how to recruit, hire and onboard them and how to retain and promote them.

One of Kobayashi Online’s specialties is creating websites based on the WordPress content management system. WordPress gives clients a friendly interface and tools to add images, documents and, even, embed third-party videos from YouTube and Vimeo all without the use of a website programmer. All of Hireimmigrants.ca, its content, including the sidebars and menus, is easily editable using the WordPress dashboard without HTML or programming knowledge.

Site Info

URL: www.hireimmigrants.ca
Client: hireimmigrants.ca
Completed: November 2011


  • WordPress CMS (Version 3.2)
  • Website Redesign
  • Custom HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery and JavaScript development
  • Easy content, sidebar and menu editing
  • Two call to action forms
  • Site content can be shared on more than 300 social networks and aggregators
  • Database-driven pages and submission forms
  • Blog
  • Google Analytics integration for the reporting of goals and statistics

Plugins Used