Moshe A. Milevsky

There is a plenty to learn about Moshe Milesky on his website by exploring his Speaking Engagements & Lectures, his University & Research papers, as well as his many Books & Writings. These areas constitute the main structure of his website. The homepage presents featured cards section quickly bring the viewers to the page they are looking for. And the featured images are a thumbnail version of the page mastheads, which creates a connection.

The Speaking & Lectures page includes a customized masthead with a YouTube video and a short description.

OurUX team also created a “pre-footer” that appears at the bottom of each page and acts as a “where to go from here” collection of additional navigation recommendations so that users will never reach the bottom of a page without options for continued browsing.

In the Books & Writing page we created a customized panel to list featured books with a book image, summary paragraph, and a link Amazon for purchasing the book.

Moshe Milevsky  is a prolific lecturer, and we feature his projects and lectures in a page of their own.