The National Nursing Assessment Service of Canada (NNAS)

The main objective for the new website was to investigate, determine and build a user experience interface that effectively served the primary audience of Internationally Educated Nurses seeking to register to practice nursing Canada.

User Navigation Highlights

One of our approaches to help international nurses discover what they need to help them with their decisions and application process was to specifically group and highlight the navigation items most pertinent to their immediate needs and goals. Our usage modeling and user experience workshops helped identify that there was a relatively intuitive sequence of steps nurses would likely take in their decision making process. We clearly labeled these steps and grouped the related and pertinent information under these feature sections: Discover Nursing in Canada; what you need to know and do Before You Apply; and help with The Application Process. We collected all the other important information that fell outside of this collection of sequential content and build a clear and visually enhanced Get Help menu specifically for an otherwise ad hoc collection of important resources and content.

Focus on Administrative User Experience

We believe it is just as important to build a website for the administrators who need to maintain it, as it is for the users who visit it. For the administrators of, we identified that they needed the flexibility to use many different images from their image bank, and have provided them with custom administrative tools to identify, add and position their images for the variety of placement requirements. The screen shots below provide a good example of the overall administrative features we have built into, and are indicative of the administrative experience we provide all our clients with the websites we build for them.