OPTIMUS | SBR WordPress Development

Kobayashi Online worked with Grace Marketing to create the award winning optimussbr.com website, which provides both existing and prospective clients with a central place for information on the firm and its services.

The site is based on the popular content management platform WordPress, allowing site administrators to easily add, edit and update site content, including sidebars, images, and posts, through a Web-based control panel. The company blog can be easily updated through the same interface, keeping site content accurate and up to date.

Google Analytics integration allows site administrators to view website traffic goals and statistics in real time using Google’s powerful analytics platform.

The website was awarded the Consulting Standard of Excellence by Web Marketing Association, scoring above average scores across all criteria of website design. The award ranks the firm’s website among the best designed in the industry.

Site Info


  • WordPress CMS (Version 3.3)
  • Easy content, sidebar and menu editing
  • Animated banner image carousel
  • Newsletter signup form
  • Google Analytics integration for the reporting of goals and statistics
  • XML site map for better search engine indexing
  • Blog

Plugins Used