Simeon Canada: Putting User Experience at the Forefront

Based in central Toronto, Simeon provides assistive wireless solutions and service throughout Canada and in export markets. Many of their products are available for direct purchase through their online store. Since 1995, Simeon has offered leading-edge wireless technologies for assistive listening, classroom soundfield amplification, and remote sensing. Simeon® infrared, FM and digital radio-frequency remote microphones and amplification solutions have become the go-to choice in special and general education, and in educational audiology.

The challenge for any website hoping to generate online sales is to make the entire purchase process as painless and easy as possible. User’s must be able to navigate through the website and find information relevant to them. To meet this criteria, the design and development team at Kobayashi implemented the strategic use of navigation menu’s. These menu’s were integrated and created harmoniously with the website’s design. The menu’s are centrally located in order to draw the user’s attention and direct them to useful and relevant information.


Upon retrieving relevant information, the user may want to purchase one of the many devices and solutions offered by Simeon. To aid in this process, Kobayashi employed the use of the Jigoshop plugin. Jigoshop is an eCommerce plugin which ensures excellent performance whilst retaining its ability to be customized.

For people interested in contacting Simeon Canada for more information, they can reach the team easily via a form on the Contact Us page made with the Formidable plugin. Furthermore, to ensure the website will be indexed by search engines such as Google, Search Engine Optimization was provided by using the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin.