The Twelfth Fret WordPress/ZenCart Design & Development for E-commerce Website

Over the past 35 years, The Twelfth Fret has grown that have one of the largest and most varied collections of acoustic and electric guitars in the world. They needed a website that would be able to display that collection to consumers from around the globe.

Kobayashi Online created a The Twelfth Fret website that integrates WordPress and ZenCart — two of the most important open source Content Management Systems — both under a unique interface. WordPress is used for the corporate pages of the site and and its blog. The online store is managed using the ZenCart platform, which provides product promotion and an online shopping cart.

The Twelfth Fret is able to show its product expertise through their blog, which is easily updated from a browser-based, WordPress control panel. Those shopping for a particular product will see links to blog posts on related content, and those visiting the blog will see links to related products.

The design, navigation, and synergies between products and blog posts help create on online experience worthy of The Twelfth Fret brand.

Site Info

Client: The Twelfth Fret
Completed: February 2011


  • WordPress CMS (version 3.3)
  • ZenCart e-commerce platform
  • Database-driven product catalogue
  • Easy content, sidebar and menu editing
  • Animated site navigation
  • Contact form
  • Email newsletter signup form
  • Blog

Plugins Used