A Modern Logo for a Boutique Consultant Firm

Project Info

URL: www.whiteboardconsulting.ca
Client: Whiteboard Consulting Group Inc.
Completed: September 2013

Blue was chosen as the theme as it signifies professionalism yet the shades of blue used project a more fun and whimsical tone—in line with the boutique nature of the company. The Creative team took inspiration—much like the original logo—from an actual whiteboard. Flowing across the logo, the white “handwritten ‘W’” personifies the company as both playful and interactive.

To achieve a more modern feel, the DIN font family was used. A timeless combination of black and grey complements the logo well, giving a nice contrast and depth to the whole look.

Logo Reversed

Stationary Design

Powerpoint Templates

“Kobayashi Online knows about logos. We were stubborn and didn’t think we needed a logo refresh, but when the KO team took a stab at it in conjunction with our website refresh, it was obvious they were right. We just love our new look!”

Ruth Henderson – Partner at Whiteboard Consulting Group Inc.