Around the Office: A Copycat Site, A Twitter Logo Redesign, Free Coffee, and More

Having been the creative mind behind a number of logo redesigns herself, Eva was impressed with Twitter’s logo rehash. She agrees with designer Graham Smith that the new logo is sharp and clever, and as he puts it: “Less of a hair-sprayed quiff: more of a rock hard waxed spike style.” Smith’s blog features a step-by-step breakdown of how the iconic Twitter bird evolved to its present state.
found out that a site that a company known as Star Six Media” had stolen Kobayashi Online’s company mission statement. Star Six Media is now, apparently, also a “Toronto-based digital marketing agency providing web and print solutions for businesses.” Assuming that this is just benign placeholder text, Brent is wondering if we should take the imitation as a form of flattery, or be humbled that our marketing message is just ipsum lorem.

Daveed ordered our office coffee order from Tweed and Hickory last week and they sent us some extra coffee samplers with our regular shipment. We had just tweeted that we like how their Kienna coffee pods are an environmentally friendly alternative to the plastic cups that are often used in K-cup coffee machines. Now we’re staying environmentally friendly (and caffeinated) and enjoying the Donut Shop, Jamaican, and Wolfgang Puck coffee varieties they sent us.

Since finding out the best times to post and tweet to get peoples’ attention, Brent’s been checking his watch while on Facebook and Twitter. A study has found that that roughly the best time for social media is between 1 pm and 3 pm EST on Monday through Thursday. Apparently these networks take a break on weekends.