Around the Office: Accessible Talk on Accessibility, Weekly Knit Fonts, Mobile Design Beyond WebKit, More!

As far as we’re concerned, inclusiveness should be one of the key features of the web – everyone should be able to experience webpages. This is why Kobayashi Online sponsored and attended Accessibility Camp Toronto, a gathering of people who want everyone to experience and enjoy the Internet. For an introduction to accessible web design, Brent recommends checking out the sides from Mark Sadecki’s presentation. Accessible websites make online friendly.

Our font-focussed designer, Eva is always on the lookout for new font collections, and was delighted to find the marvelous free font collections from Font FabricSvetoslav Simov, a Bulgarian designer, created the site as a place to release high-quality, unique fonts on a weekly basis. We’re excited to see what fonts he comes out with next!

Daveed is among the developers Microsoft is trying to appeal to with its new Internet Explorer mobile browser, which works differently than the WebKit-based browsers developers are used to. As more people use Internet Explorer on their Windows 8 tablets and Windows Phone, Microsoft is hoping that developers can update their sites to work well with their browser, and properly handle incompatible features. This situation has reminded people of when developers created desktop sites for Internet Explorer 6 and partly ignored Netscape or Firefox. Now, in the mobile world, Internet Explorer could potentially be an afterthought.

Always up-to-date, Andy has been giving the WordPress plugin WP Status a whirl, letting him manage his WordPress blog updates from one place. Not only does it manage plugins, themes and WordPress core updates, but you can also have WP Status back up your site automatically everyday. If this sounds interesting to you, sign up for a free, early Beta.