Around the Office: banking apps, Ninite Updater, font mustaches, more

How does Wayne manage to stay on top of the latest software updates? It’s not precognition, just Ninite Updater, which keeps software at its latest stable version. Where other software updaters tell you when new versions are available, Ninite goes further by automatically downloading and installing all your updates in the background. For just $9.99 per year, per machine, it can make fixing and reinstalling systems a lot easier.Brent has been finding his way to the bank using the TD Canada Trust app, which shows the closest locations for banking. Of course, if he doesn’t want to go in person, the app shows his account balances and activity, pay bills, transfer money between TD accounts, and send or receive Interac Email Money Transfers. And it’s not just TD that’s getting on mobile banking — all Canada’s major banks, in fact, have mobile apps including TD, Bank of Montreal, RBC Royal Bank, Sociabank, and CIBC. It is, however, easier to locate a bank than to figure out where your money goes.

Eva has been wondering how you’d look with a stylish typographic schnauz (or mustache) on your face. You pick the font, and typoschnauz will let you see how you’d look with a sideways curly bracket for a ‘stache. While you can make your typo schnauz your own, UK designer Ryan Davis has pointed out that certain bracket moustaches strangely correspond to the iconic lip ‘dos of Freddie Mercury, Tom Selleck and Hulk Hogan.

Once upon a time, automobiles dominated its streets, but Holland managed to change direction and become one of the world’s most bike-friendly cities. Daveed discovered a beautifully shot video this week that tells the story of the city’s embrace of biking.

Bicycles were relied upon in Post-War Holland, before the 60’s when increasing prosperity led to a rise in cars and the prioritizing of roads for cars. Finally, the 70’s, with its oil crisis, automotive casualties, and other world turmoil, ushered a two-wheel revival that has led to Holland leading the world in cycling infrastructure such as dedicated lanes and underground parking which enable and encourage everyone to bike.