Kobayashi Online gives Hair Dynamix a corporate identity makeover

This corporate identity makeover involved creating a new logo and reworking marketing materials

What resulted was a new, unified impression across its business cards, brochures, signage, and monthly email blasts. Why go to these lengths? It all serves to communicate what Hair Dynamix is all about.

For the past 30 years, Hair Dynamix has been a family owned and operated salon and spa. It’s known for its great service, familiar faces, and, yes, its famous cappuccino.

The font featured in the new logo incorporates thick and thin strokes, mimicking hair’s organic waves and curls. The new design is professional, contemporary, timeless, and distinctive. This helps show Hair Dynamix’s unique approach to hair styling.

Like any makeover, there’s a lot of anticipation about how it will turn out. A covered sign on Queen Street East had many curious about Hair Dynamix’s new image. The new logo was unveiled today to a crowd of supporters and local media.

Judging by the response we received, we think we did a good job.

Below are some photos from today’s launch: