Around the Office: Custom Twitter Backgrounds,, and the Isotope jQuery Plugin

Having designed many corporate Twitter themes, Eva knows how important Twitter backgrounds can be. Even savvy businesses that use tweets to reveal the personality behind their company may not realize the importance of Twitter backgrounds. A new Designers Hub article explains that a background helps align your Twitter account and brand, exhibit creativity, communicate your message, and more.

When deciding on a website’s typography, we often rely on a drop-down menu showing a seemingly endless list of fonts. Thankfully, we found, a website that scans your computer’s installed fonts and displays them in a simple visual grid for easy browsing. It also lets you change how big or small the grid tiles are, helping you find that gem of a font without all the squinting.

David, reminded of high school science class, reacted well to Isotope, a new jQuery plugin that filters, sorts and lays out website content as though it were on the Periodic Table of Elements. Another great part of Isotope is that it incorporates CSS transitions, which make the user experience not only visually interesting, but also more intuitive.