Around the Office: Font Tryouts, Facebook’s New Heights, and North Korea’s WordPress Theme

Since finding out about it this week, Daveed and Eva were able to try out a plugin that lets you try out FontShop fonts right in Photoshop. Oftentimes we have to buy fonts before seeing exactly how they’ll look within a project we’re working on. Thanks to this plugin, designers can see exactly what fonts look like in Photoshop before buying the font.

Scott rolls with the punches whenever Facebook changes the way developers create apps. While developing his latest Facebook fangate, he found out that instead of using javascript to set the height of a fangate, there’s a new screen in the app pages where you go to change the height of an app page. In fact, they’ve done away with the old javascript method. Take note, developers, Facebook is always changing!

Brent was surprised to find out that North Korea had created its official website using a $15 WordPress theme. The template is available on Ignite Themes, and appears to be more geared towards personal blogs and websites (as opposed to a totalitarian regime), the new design looks much better than the old one, which looked like it was made in the 1990s.