Around the Office: Evaluating Google+, On the hunt for chocolate, more

Daveed has been playing with Google’s latest foray into social networking, Google+. And eventhough the much-hyped social network is very similar to the incumbent Facebook, Daveed thinks he might start spending time on it because in addition to the fact that the new platform has “gee-whiz” appeal, Google already knows a lot about him, after all, so he might as well keep that up and share more.

Eva has been scouring the Internet… for chocolate. In an online Flash game, “Pleasure Hunt”, from ice cream bar maker Magnum, she’s been searching for chocolate that has been strewn across various webpages. Players have to jump across HTML elements and collect treats for points. Pleasure Hunt is a great example of an online campaign that creates interest around a product that wouldn’t be considered Web friendly… considering that the game has us wanting an ice cream bar, Magnum has succeeded at its goal.

David falls in love too easily — with fonts, that is — but when it comes to getting their name, he’s often at a loss. This week, he found a few resources to help ID typefaces. If you have an image of the font, “What the Font” lets you upload that file, and it tries to match the letters to the font database at MyFonts. known figures out which fonts. If you don’t have a clear image of the font, or are working from memory, Identifont offers a questionnaire that will lead you to a typeface after answering a series of questions. Using these services, David has no trouble knowing Topaz from Tungsten, and what’s Ideal.

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