Around the Office: Going Mobile, Flat Web Design, and Ghost CMS

Going Mobile Helps Customers Find You

Always mobile-friendly, Andy endorses GoMo, Google’s initiative for businesses to go mobile. According to Google statistics, three-quarters of customers prefer a mobile-friendly site. Aside from making a good impression on most of your customers, GoMo offers more reasons mobile sites are more important than ever, as well as a window into how your current site looks on a mobile device. Like Google, we also think mobile has an enormous impact on your business, and we’d be happy to help you GoMo.

Web Design Goes Flat

Always keen to spot new online culture trends, David was interested to see “flat” design seemingly everywhere. Communications technologies have helped many rigid corporate hierarchies give way to more flat, democratic arrangements. And Internet archives and borderless online sharing have rendered time and space flat. So it’s no wonder that flat design should become a web design trend. From the design of Roberto’s favourite iOS weather app Solar, to one of our latest website builds SRG, flat design cuts down on visual clutter, and often provides a more streamlined user experience – especially on small screens.

A Friendly Ghost

We love obviously love WordPress, but we were interested by the Ghost CMS project, which is an under-development CMS that has sparked much talk about the future of online publishing. Since WordPress has grown from a blogging platform to a full-fledged Content Management System, many are looking for a simple blog platform like Blogger or Tumblr. Enter Ghost, a publishing platform built on WordPress, but that’s pared down to provide a sleek blogging experience without some of the fancier WordPress features. While Ghost hasn’t fully been released yet, it does offer a different vision of what WordPress could be, and something that would appeal to some users. We don’t find that the least bit spooky.