Around the Office: WPUniversity Widget, Considering CISPA, Improvements, & More!

WordPress Education Inside the Dashboard

Always on the lookout for things that make online friendly, Brent was happy to see Toronto WordPress developers come up with the WPUniversity Dashboard Widget, which provides personalized WordPress training and assistance from inside your dashboard. We work with WordPress everyday, but we realize that not everyone’s familiar with WordPress, and this widget promises to help users every step of the way. If you want to give it a try, an early BETA version is available to install.

Seething Over CISPA

David overheard the grumblings from some major names in tech who are opposing a controversial cybersecurity bill that would give authorities access to personal information through services such as social networks and cloud services. The proposed Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (or CISPA) would enable government agencies and the private sector to share information on cyberattack threats, which are becoming increasingly bold and backed by foreign governments. However, some are worried that there’s little guarantee that the necessary precautions will prevent regular people from having their personal information revealed. And as our online and offline worlds lives become more entwined, it’s important not to legislate away our rights over private information. Updates Make Blogging Easier

After the release of a bevy of editorial workflow improvements in WordPress.comAndy was eager to write some posts. Some of these features include improved menus, post locking to prevent saving accidental changes, revision tracking to revert back to earlier versions, and autosave to protect content you havn’t saved yet. These improvements are designed to help bloggers smooth their workflow, and save time writing posts and organizing content. Spend less time worrying about the organization of your content, and more time writing great content. What’s not to love?