Around the Office: A Trip to Jingjiang, Google Says “No” to Black Hat SEO, Yoast Shares Knowledge, More

Eva shared a video of her hometown, Jingjiang, located on the banks of China’s Yangtze River. The video shows some of the town’s epicurean attractions including steamed soup dumplings, fresh crab meat, and pig skin and chicken soup. It also provides a glimpse into daily life in Jingjiang, which we’d all like to experience in person.

Daveed was interested to hear that Google plans to penalize sites that are overly search engine optimized. The search engine giant has been known to take step to crack down on shady SEO practices such as keyword stuffing and “spamdexing”, which is unfortunately all too common among SEO practitioners. This new push could go further by punishing sites that use too much above-the-board SEO to improve their placement.

Scott signed up for the Yoast WordPress newsletter, a roundup of interesting new plugins, WordPress tips and tricks, and digital marketing advice. We’ve used Yoast’s WordPress SEO Plugin with great results, and we’ve read many of his posts on topics such as when optimization goes overboard, and the generation of rich search snippets.

David found out about a patent application filed by Nokia for magnetic tattoos that vibrate when you receive a call. While most of us feel tethered to our mobile phones, this takes internalizing mobile communications to a whole new level, which, frankly, makes our skin crawl.