Around the Office: Next Nature,, and CSS Wizardry

Daveed is optimistic that technology and nature don’t have to be in opposition. Next Nature is a website that seeks to explore how we can design, build and live in a nature caused by people. The philosophy behind it can be summarised by an innovative take on a classic Arthur C. Clarke quote: “Any Sufficiently Advanced Civilization is Indistinguishable from Nature.”

Eva found a very useful site known as that shows some of the most common interface code pairings of CSS and HTML. Organized as an open source WordPress theme, helps Web designers collect, test, and experiment with, and ultimately get a custom pattern library up and running quickly.

Brent was impressed with, an absolutely beautiful website that has a high visual impact. Images fly onto the page as the user scrolls down. What’s also great is that the developer uses CSS to power it all instead of Flash. We’re excited to see this young site grow.