Around the Office: Preparing for WordCamp Toronto, Text-Only Art Text Books, and QR Code Generators

David will be going to WordCamp Toronto with a fully charged phone and some favourite apps for events to help make the most of it. He also put together a list of other things to bring to WordCamp Toronto such as business cards, a plan, an elevator pitch, and questions.We’re all really excited to be sponsoring WordCamp Toronto, and we’ve also been getting lots of entries into our contest for free tickets to the event.

Daveed was shocked that an art course at Toronto’s OCAD requires a $180 history text book that has no images because of copyright problems. TechDirt reports that the students have launched an online petition. Worries about copyright violation probably shouldn’t impact education.

Eva found a great site for generating Quick Reference (or QR) codes. These codes can be scanned by smartphones for information and website links. Peter Minne’s QR code generator uses the Zend Framework to offer codes both as rasterized .PNG files and vector formats including PDF, SVG, and EPS. Furthermore, the QR codes can be downloaded as vectors, making them perfect for designing for different sizes whether it’s on a business card, in a catalogue, or on a building.