Mobile Apps to Use at WordCamp Toronto

So, before WordCamp (September 29-30, 2012) arrives, be sure to load these apps on your phone and head into the event with a full charge to best maximize your attendance!

WordCamp Field Guide

Take Notes Using Evernote

Enabling you to keep track of notes across multiple platforms, Evernote is a great app for WordCamp. If you’re bringing a laptop, you can use it to type your observations from sessions, and the mobile app will allow you to snap photos of key slides and diagrams. If you are more of a pen-and-paper note taker, you can even scan your scribbles. Evernote keeps this all organized and accessible on your various devices so that when you need to come back to your notes, they’ll be in one organized place.

Start a Discussion on Twitter

You might already access Twitter on the go with your own favourite app including the official Twitter App for iPhone or for Android. You can jot down your notes and observations from any given session and tag them using the #wcto hashtag to invite other attendees to read them and join in on the conversation.

Follow the Discussion Using Hashtag App

Since many of the posts from WordCamp Toronto can be found using the hashtag #wcto, you might want to install the Hashtag App or various other hashtag tracking apps to specifically track the event. We think Twitter discussions add another element to the fun, helping you get insights from other sessions, meet more  attendees, and keep up with your new contacts after WordCamp is over.

Share Documents Using Readdle Docs or Google Drive

An easy way to keep your work and documents handy with you wherever you go is to upload everything onto ReaddleDocs for iPhone or Google Drive for Android. These apps allow you to keep such documents as your resume, price sheet, white papers, reports, and press clippings always accessible, as well as any works-in-progress. Easily send the pertinent documents to your new contacts so that they can peruse them later.

Schedule to meet up later with iCal or Google Calendar

One of the best steps for making new acquaintances and contacts is to plan your next meeting together. This is why it will be important to have your entire schedule already laid out for you to access in an app. With Apple’s pre-installed iCal app, Calendars by Readdle and Google Calendar for Android (and for iPhone), you can check your availability and send an invitation by email. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a business meeting – you can always use any of these apps to schedule an impromptu dinner after the WordCamp sessions wrap up!

Find Local Businesses and Restaurants with Google Maps, Yelp and Urbanspoon

WordCamp Toronto is being held at George Brown College’s downtown St. James Campus (290 Adelaide Street East), which is close to many great restaurants, cafes and other local businesses. If you need to find a particular business, we recommend doing a quick search on Google Maps on Android (and for iPhone) or Yelp for Android (and for iPhone), where you can pick where to go based on your location and reviews. For deciding on where to find a great meal – perhaps with a new contact – just shake the Urbanspoon app for iPhone (and for Android) for restaurant suggestions that should please everyone coming to the table.

Of course, nothing can replace a willingness to learn and meet new people – not even an app. To get the most out of WordCamp Toronto, make sure to not spend all your time staring at your phone, and use your mobile apps in conjunction with an open mind and a positive attitude.

Want some more tips for preparing for this event? Check out our guest post on the WordCamp Toronto website.