Around the Office: Styling with Iconbench, Community Building with Brickstarter, and Creating Mobile-Friendly Email Newsletters

Always on the lookout for ways to improve design, Eva discovered Iconbench, an online platform that lets you style, select and download icons for use on your website, application or project. This way you can get the perfect styled icons with just the right drop shadow, gradient, and too many other parameters to mention. Pull up a seat and pick the right icons at Iconbench.

David’s a fan of community involvement – and not just online. He sees potential in Brickstarter, which is like crowd-funding behemoth Kickstater but for community projects instead of startups. It helps connect organizers, volunteers, and stakeholders to help neighborhoods come together and make a difference. This has the potential to make enormous changes.

Email doesn’t always look the same on each device on which you read it. We worked recently to figure out how to make email newsletters look best whether they’re shown Outlook, a web browser, or on an iPhone or Android device. Just some of the resources we found that were helpful were a practical guide to desiging mobile email and the HTML Email Boilerplate which helps control how emails are rendered. Either way, expect mobile-friendly email newsletters to start popping up in your inbox.