Around the Office: Suspicious Facebook Holdouts, Walkman’s Social Sharing Runaround, and the Trouble with Tablet Magazines

Daveed remembers a time when only a small number of people were willing to open their personal information up to the online world. Now it seems that not having a Facebook account is a red flag that could associate you to antisocial behaviour, or worse. And while it seems reasonable to allow people the freedom not to post status updates for all the world to see, some people can’t help but wonder what these tech abandoners are hiding.

Sony created an online video ad for their portable music players. As a good social-media-spreading-viral-agent, Brent clicked the Twitter and Facebook icons to share it, and was a little surprised and astounded when these links just took him to Sony’s Twitter and Facebook pages. Call us lazy, but we think it would make more sense for the link to create a new tweet or post about the video/article/page/picture that you are sharing. This is something we’ve done on numerous sites, including, and it makes things simple to share and get people to follow through.

As a writer and content strategist, David has always believed that good writing and storytelling could survive the endangered print media industry. And while tablets offered a seemingly perfect place for magazines in the digital age, there are a myriad of things holding back old-school publishers from embracing tablet apps. For instance, it costs magazine publishers money and time to create digital versions, and Apple takes a 30-percent cut of any subscription revenue from its Newsstand app platform. Still, we’re confident that scrappy publishers will find ways to turn a profit in the digital age.