Around the Office: WordPress SEO tips, Googling images, Chrome’s arcade, more

We’re very happy with the current WordPress plugin Formidable Forms, but to make it even better, we suggested that the developers, Strategy 11, add a query parameter after the form has been submitted. This would help us collect data for analytics purposes. Strategy 11 helpfully obliged, telling us this feature will be added in a future release. We’re eagerly anticipating it!This week Roberto found a great summary of some simple practices to make a WordPress site more visible in the eyes of search engines. Including keywords in page titles and headings, install an SEO plugin, and use descriptive tags and keywords were all among the top 10 tips.

If you don’t have words to describe something, you certainly don’t have words to search for it. An image may be the answer thanks to Google’s new image-based search, which lets you simply drag and drop an image file into the search bar and wait for the results. Wayne finds it great for finding a specific location, such as identifying the places vacation photos were taken.

You can now play your favourite classic arcade games in the Google Chrome Web browser thanks to an adaptation of the popular game emulator MAME. Daveed has been checking out the case study which explained the process of porting MAME to run in the Chrome Web browser in only four days. Understanding the the particular technical challenges sweetens the experience of playing classics such as Star Fire or Robot Bowl.

Brent has lots of experience with BlackBerry phones, but he’s afraid the name of its new operating system, BBX, is lackluster. He agrees with commentary by brand identity expert Andris Pone, who wrote this week: “BBX is a meaningless, boring name that suggests a lack of any technology that can compete with that on the iPhone.” And while the software itself seems to be impressive, it seems that BlackBerry has squandered a precious opportunity to tell a compelling story using its name.