How & Why you want your tweets to live longer than a fruit fly

Would you like to now more about making Twitter work with your business?

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How to Make Meaningful Connections with Twitter

When someone asks you: “Hey John, are you on Twitter?” and your response is: “Uhm, yeah, sure… I HAVE a twitter account”, then this event is for you!

In the beginning Twitter can be very confusing, yet there are so many opportunities that a lot of businesses are not realizing. Your customers, potential customers, influencers, and referral sources are using twitter, so you should make sure you’re not only listening, but also engaging with them.

Date: July 27th from 6:30 – 8:30pm
Location: Centre for Social Innovation (Annex), 720 Bathurst Street

In this hands-on session you will:

  • Find people in your industry and start making connections,
  • Get strategies on how to be noticed and valued by prospects,
  • Explore essential tools and techniques to make sure your aren’t overwhelmed by the Twitter firehose of information