How to Get More Love for Your Website with Social Sharing Buttons

But you need to spread the word and get even more love for your site – especially from potential customers.


You can buy web advertising to let people know about it, or start clawing your way to the first page of Google with search engine optimization.

Or better yet, you can add social sharing buttons to your site right now and get everyone who visits to help you share the love – for free.

Social sharing buttons make it easy for your web visitors (yes, even your mom) to quickly and easily let all their friends and connections know that your site is awesome.

“But I Don’t Have Time for Social Media!” No problem. You don’t need to be on social media to let your visitors share your content. When visitors tweet, “Like”, +1, Pin or click on any other sharing button, your content gets posted to their social accounts. So your content can be found on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn – wherever – even if you’re not.

The Real Love – Three More Big Advantages of Social Sharing Buttons

The benefits of adding social sharing buttons to your site go way beyond the tally of shares you see on your page.

  1. Encourage Word-of-Mouth Endorsements– It’s the most powerful advertising known to humankind. 86% of your potential customers believe “word-of-mouth” recommendations from their friends and connections, while only 14% believe what they hear from advertisers like you.When web visitors click on share buttons, they put the power of online word-of-mouth advertising to work for you. It’s a public endorsement of your business. A trusted seal of approval.
  2. Amplify Your Message– As a smart marketer, you let your clients, suppliers and all your business connections know about your site by listing it on your print materials, business cards, invoices, and so on.So how many people see all of that?Social sharing buttons are like adding a bullhorn to your site. Now, not only do the people close to you know about it, but your message has the potential to reach every connection of everyone who shares it.Even better, on social sites like Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, your message can easily reach everyone who uses the platform (that’s a nifty 660,000,000 unique monthly visitors on those three sites alone).
  3. Improve Your Online Reputation– Your website is the face of your business in the largest marketplace ever. Visitors will often decide whether or not to buy from you based on the impression they get from your site.What does it say? Social sharing buttons tell visitors that you’re active and engaged on social media (again, even if you don’t have your own accounts). Each “share” also tells visitors that other people like them have found something of value here. That eliminates some of the guesswork people have in deciding whether to become a customer. Social shares are like an instant reputation enhancer for your business.

Who doesn’t need a little more love for their website? If you want to learn more about the value and simplicity of using social sharing buttons, call 416-410-3266 or Contact Us. We’ll be happy to chat and answer all your questions.

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