8 basic ways to promote your website WITHOUT SEO/SEM/Social Media

Are you marketing for your website?

Recently, a potential client came to us with a big concern.  Their website wasn’t generating enough business for him – almost nothing.  This client was looking to add more pages to the website (currently only had one) and maybe do some search engine optimization.  The site was a couple of years old supporting an existing “bricks & mortar” small business.

We checked out the site statistics – yep – almost no traffic.

Something wasn’t quite computing.  Most established businesses with a website will get a decent amount of traffic – even if the website isn’t a major lead generator.

We did a little bit of investigation and found the problem.  The client wasn’t promoting their website in the most basic ways (business cards, letterhead, invoices, email signature, etc)!  This case may seem extreme, but we find it isn’t uncommon for business to think a website is isn’t important with existing and word-of-mouth clients.

There is often an impression that a website is out there to get brand new business – straight out-of-the-blue off of the internet.

However, we think the primary small business website goal for most is to support your existing efforts – but your website can’t do that if you don’t support it.

Here are 8 basic ways to drive traffic to your website – and they have nothing to do with SEO, online marketing, or social media.

Tell us, are you doing these 8 basic steps?

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