Around the Office: BBC’s Glow, Choosing Colours, and Travelling with Tech

Public broadcaster BBC needed a javascript library to help their online interfaces, so they built one. Glow, which Daveed thinks is quite good, was also generously made available for anyone to use. Glow features some really great tools including an animated slideshow, an interactive timeline, and more. BBC is providing that an old media company can learn new tricks

The human eye can perceive approximately 7 million different colours. To narrow down the choices for any given design, Eva often uses to narrow down her options. This site lets you search for a colour, create a swatch based on a photo you upload, and pick from a library of swatches. What colour will you think of next?

As someone who carries a phone, at least one camera, and a laptop with him most days, David was thankful for some advice this week about travelling with technology. Tips such as using USB for charging and reusing the packaging for more streamlined travel made sense. Downsizing seems like it would provide the most impact, but one some of us aren’t quite ready to make yet.