Around the Office: Logos Take Shape, Google Maps More Interiors, and Digital Media Makes For Empty Shelves

We’ve been hard at work creating logo concepts for Toronto WordCamp 2012. Scott, one of our developers, created a – let’s say – experimental WordCamp logo. Keep in mind that he’s a developer and not a designer. If anything, we hope that this logo demonstrates to other developers how difficult the job of logo design is.

Our graphic designer, Eva, has seen logos take shape in front of her eyes, but she was happy to see other designers share their logo evolution through animated GIFs. shared a variety of the logos they’ve made from first concept to final proof on the Behance Network, showing how much work and how many decisions go into a typical logo.

While Google rolled out indoor maps in some US locations, Brent is eager to see Google Maps come to Canadian grocery stores after hearing it would be introduced in the UK. Imagine being able to find the cereal section – or perhaps zeroing in on ones with low sugar – would be a great thing to be able to do using an Android phone.

While creating website content this week David was wondering how people will display their media and interests if shelves of books and CDs are replaced by ebooks and digital downloads. Blogs and social media have done a good job in making our personal digital libraries public, yet there’s still an appeal to having physical copies proudly on display.