WordCamp Toronto Developers 2012 Inspires and Educates

Kobayashi Online was a silver sponsor of WordCamp Toronto Developers 2012, which brought together roughly 260 attendees to discuss everything to do with building websites with the WordPress Content Management System.

Because we do most of our web development and design on WordPress, we were especially excited to see so many people learning about WordPress and realize the full potential and power of WordPress.

Incredible things can happen when you gather dozens of WordPress developers into the same room.

WordCamp gives us the opportunity to chat with our peers, and compare notes with other designers and developers. All the speaker sessions we went to were worthwhile, and even people who didn’t attend can watch presentation videos on WordCamp.tv, and check out the slide decks to have a “virtual conference” of sorts.

Our own marketing guy, Andy did a great moderating the panel discussion, “Building a WP Development Business”. Kobayashi Online founder, Brent, was among the panellists who were able to offer some timeless advice on time management, managing projects, and learning along the way.

We’re very happy to be able to participate in this event, and extremely thankful to all other wonderful people who helped make this event happen!

An illustration of Imposter Syndrome, which was discussed at the Women in WordPress panel at WordCamp Toronto

Two team members of Brave New Code at WordCamp Toronto Developers 2012

An illustration of Sam Xu's Toronto WordCamp Developers presentation by Sacha Chua (http://sachachua.com/)Andy, Craig, and Al spearheaded this year's two Toronto WordCamp events

2 comments on “WordCamp Toronto Developers 2012 Inspires and Educates

  1. George on

    Really enjoyed every track I attended and I’m looking forward to seeing the other tracks on wordpress.tv

    • David Hamilton on

      Yes, there was a really great group of speakers, and I think most of us left with a HUGE list of things to try out and topics to explore – as well as a bunch of sessions to watch (or re-watch) on wordpress.tv.

      For me, I find that events like this and the people I meet at them help me get excited again about the possibilities of WordPress and remember how creative the field is in which we work.

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